Lining Fabrics

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This gorgeous silky material is perfect for lining that jacket or summery dress! It comes in 61 c..
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Available Shades:61 View Details
Muslin is a very traditional cotton fabric first introduced in the seventeenth century! You will ..
Ex Tax:£1.99
Available Shades:1 View Details
Plain Polycotton Fabric
This gorgeous fabric blend is a combination of polyester and cotton, which gives it the no iron c..
Ex Tax:£2.99
Available Shades:37 View Details
Plain Polyester Lining
Ex Tax:£1.99
Available Shades:39 View Details
Printed Habutai Checks
This gorgeous printed habutai check material will make a gorgeous silky lining for that new light ja..
Ex Tax:£3.30
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Satin Acetate
This fabulous satin material will whisper across your skin like a cool summer breeze, and with th..
Ex Tax:£4.00
Available Shades:19 View Details
Silk Habutai
The gorgeous variety of thirty-three shades make it easy for you to find the perfectly colored li..
Ex Tax:£13.99
Available Shades:32 View Details